Advance Graphic Training

Advance Graphic Training

Graphic designing domain is evolving fast in tune with ever expanding various industries. So, the learners have to update their knowledge and craft in the field of graphic designing.

In order to fulfill the needs of the learners, we use the latest software of make the learners experts in field of graphic designing. Learners with advanced knowledge and training experience in this field are welcomed in several companies across the globe.

On completion of Advanced Graphic Design Training program, we shall guide the candidates to secure suitable jobs. We shall the candidates fine tune their skill to clear the placement interview successfully.

You will be “Industry-Ready”.

The training and exposure you gain in this training program may be used in various domains such as Advertising Agencies, Packaging Industries, Publications, News Paper Industries, IT sector, Corporates, Freelance in Graphic Designing, Web development companies, Event management companies, Digital Marketing Agencies.

Course Contents


Photoshop is a unique photo editing software. A successful graphic design professional should have an in-depth knowledge on Photoshop software. Photoshop is pixel based software which is widely used in photography, videography, digital media and electronic media.

+Corel Draw

This is vector based software. For creating shapes, layouts, text and object effects, coral draw software is used. Corel draw software is an ideal one for creating wholesome graphic designs. Photoshop software and coral software go hand in hand.

Illustrator software and Photoshop belong to Adobe. Illustrator is vector based software which is deemed one of the best software.

With proper usage of illustrator, you can get a good finishing of brush strokes, coloring and art fine tuning. This is a boon for the professional artists.

Illustrator software can work in tune with Photoshop software. File sharing, corrections updates and color code work in tandem. So, quality loss is fully avoided. Ultimately we get the best results.

+In Design
In design software is also vector based software which belongs to adobe. This software is extensively used in news print sector, publication of journals and magazines and book works as well. In Design software goes well with illustrator and Photoshop software. So, the assignments of file sharing, image correction updates, and color core making can easily be done as a result of which quality is maintain and time is saved.
+Adobe light room
Light room is advanced pixel based software owned by adobe. This software is mostly used in special color corrections, producing right lighting effects, blurring and sharpening of photo images. The works that are done in adobe photoshop can be very easily done with the help of light room software. Light room software is widely used in modeling field and photo-retouching assignments.
+Who can learn these softwares?

    • Graphic designing job aspirants
    • Online freelancers taking up overseas assignment.
    • News print & media professionals.
    • Aspirants willing to become full- fledged professionals in graphic design field.
    • Aspirants who working IT, Corporate and UI & UX professionals and web designers

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