1. What id Graphic Design all about?
Graphic design is a design art process that blends text and graphics in a way that is intended to communicate a specific concept / message to the audience. Graphic design exemplifies one’s creativity.

2. In which spheres is graphic design used?
Graphic design finds usage in Print media, Electronic media and digital media. Graphic design is used to make catchy logo, attractive brochures, information manual, Posters, Greeting cards, Business cards etc… In digital media, graphic design is used for creating websites, Online advertisements, virtual brochures and brands registration in the viewers’ minds!

3. Who can learn Graphic Design and become professional graphic Designer?
Virtually anyone can become a graphic designer, provided one should have a bent of mind to learn the art with a bit of creativity!
“There is no business without online / digital media promotions”
For promoting all brands online, Graphic Design plays a pivotal role. Indeed you can emerge as a professional in graphic design art domain.

4. What is the basic qualification for becoming a graphic designer?
You should have completed your school final with some basic knowledge on computer keyboard operations. Graphic Design software is an indispensable one for professionals. For learning graphic course, you need not be a professional.

5. What are future prospects for a graphic designer?
Upon successful completion of graphic design course, you can pursue allied courses such as web design, web development, UI & UX, Video editing, Fashion Designing, Interior designing, 3D animation and all multimedia software. Graphic design is the foundation for all allied courses. Job opportunities and self – employment avenues are aplenty!

6. What will be the future scope of graphic design?
Some decades ago, persons without computer knowledge were looked down upon. As a result, computer literacy flourished everywhere and elsewhere. Likewise, persons without graphic design knowledge and experience may be shunned in the market and industry in the near future!
After a couple of years, people with adequate graphic design knowledge and some exposure in the field will be welcomed in ever-growing sectors like print media, electronic media, digital media, advertisement and online publicity and marketing domain.
Anyone from any part of the globe can access any brand or any service just at the click of a mouse. So for reaching any product or service to the vast humanity, graphic design knowledge becomes essential. For successful marketing and generating humongous business volume graphic design knowledge helps in online promotion!

7. Where can graphic designer get employment?
Graphic designers can be placed in the sectors given here under:

  • Print media
  • Electronic media
  • Digital media
  • Advertisement sector
  • Interior Designing
  • Fashion Designing
  • Screen Printing
  • Photography and Cinematography
  • Event-managements sector
  • Metal & Jewelry designing

8. What is the earning potential of a graphic designer?
A beginner in the field may be employed with a starting salary of not less than Rs.12k with startups
Experience and expertise will fetch you as high as Rs.50k per month
For self-employed and freelance graphic designers with good creativity and contacts, sky is the limits for the earning potential

9. Can a graphic designer get and overseas employment?
Graphic Designers with good experience and track records are most wanted in Hollywood and other creative industries in western countries such as the US, the UK and other European countries.

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