Fashion Design & Print Graphics

Fashion Design & Print Graphics

SUNRAY trains the learners in all aspects of fashion designing from an entirely different perspective. This training modules encompasses the most vital parts such Photo Editing, Color Correction, T-Shirt Vector art, illustrated brush art,………………. etc.

With proper application of the above-stated lessons, manual drawings can be honed and brightened. The final drawing can be presented to the customers to satisfy them. The manual art can be digitized for better presentation effect to the target customers. This learning part is very useful to the ‘fashionishtas’ who will shine like a star in horizon of fashion designing and print graphics.

Course Contents


Photoshop is a unique photo editing software. A successful graphic design professional should have an in-depth knowledge on Photoshop software. Photoshop is pixel based software which is widely used in photography, videography, digital media and electronic media.

+Corel Draw

This is vector based software. For creating shapes, layouts, text and object effects, coral draw software is used. Corel draw software is an ideal one for creating wholesome graphic designs. Photoshop software and coral software go hand in hand.

Illustrator software and Photoshop belong to Adobe. Illustrator is vector based software which is deemed one of the best software.

With proper usage of illustrator, you can get a good finishing of brush strokes, coloring and art fine tuning. This is a boon for the professional artists.

Illustrator software can work in tune with Photoshop software. File sharing, corrections updates and color code work in tandem. So, quality loss is fully avoided. Ultimately we get the best results.

This is indispensable software for fashion designers. Sketches can be drawn on tab with stylopen. Brush strokes, diagrams, feathers, flowers and other pictures can be drawn manually to be used in the system.
+Who can learn these softwares?

    • Fashion design course students and professionals

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