Photoshop exercise: Remove wrinkles and other signs of aging from a portrait

Photoshop exercise: Remove wrinkles and other signs of aging from a portrait

We open the image in Photoshop .
We will make the correction on a duplicate of the background layer. To create the duplicate we access this option from the Layer menu . This step will allow us to avoid later that the retouching in the photography is very noticeable.
Photoshop: duplicate layer

We activate the Corrector Brush tool in the Tools Panel . With the Alt key pressed, we click on an area of ​​skin without imperfections. Once the sample is taken, we paint in the areas that we want to correct. We repeat these actions until all imperfections are eliminated. Something similar can be achieved with the Patch tool .
Photoshop: concealer brush


Next, we reduce the opacity of the duplicated layer using the Opacity regulator of the Layers panel . In this way we allow the original photo to appear tenderly and give greater realism to the image.
Photoshop: opacity layers

We use the Match Image option from the Layers panel options menu to merge the two layers.

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