Graphic Designer Placement

Upon completion of one month training program, we shall guide to secure jobs in renowned organization.You can enroll your profile with us and secure a job in reputed firms.

The company has trained scores of candidates in graphic designing and secured them good jobs in various graphic-related industries and activities. On successful completion of the Graphic Designer training course, You may become well-versed with creating graphics as per your imagination, thereby you can save your human labor, money and precious time.

Our training mission is to convert you into a full-fledged and competent Graphic Designer and to secure a suitable job. Sunrays was launched to get rid of the word “unemployment” and enhance the employ-ability of the trainees.

Despite having competence in the domain of Graphic Designing,some people are directionless to explore a job. We shall help them out to land a good job. Employers who seek competent Graphic designers will be supplied with suitable Candidates. This service is bound to get jobs for the new Graphic Designers.

This Graphic Designing training program is result – oriented and practical in all respects.The training programs content has been designed for every individual profile. So, every trainee can get proper attention and individual care for their career betterment All aspirants of a career in graphic designing could shine in this domain of Graphic Design and Animation.

The Highlight of the SUNRAY is :

We collect a nominal fees for the entire training program which is affordable to all

Our Special features
  • We do not collect any advance money
  • The training program has been tailor-made to suit the industry needs.
  • Good graphic skills provide you good job.
  • We collect 10% of the first month salary as the service charge
  • Job opportunities are galore in corporate printing and advertising sector
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